COVID-19 Hygiene Screens

Hygiene Screens could be a shining star in these unprecedented times as we are all looking at safe ways to operate when the Government advises us it is safe to return to work.

There are industries that have not been able to close during these times so furniture manufacturers have been able to adapt existing office screen designs to become hygienic that are easy to keep clean and offers protection for those still at work.

At Jowett & Sowry we are liaising constantly with manufacturers in the UK to react to the increasing demand for these products and given the speed of development we would advise you to contact us directly to discuss your needs.
We are able to either supply only or install at your premises subject to the appropriate Government guidelines being met.

Hygiene screens in offices have become indispensable elements in promoting a safer and healthier work environment. These screens, strategically placed on desks and workstations, act as a physical barrier, minimizing the risk of airborne germs and promoting social distancing among employees.

In addition to desk hygiene screens we are able to offer items such as free-standing, modular or folding hygiene screens, sanitising stations and temperature testing stations
We are also having increased enquiries regarding office reconfiguration to respect social distancing as people start to return to work as well as home office settings for those unable to return to the traditional office environment in the near future. Again, we would advise contacting us directly at or calling us on 01937 587714 to discuss requirements.

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