If, like us, you’ve been working from home more recently you’ll probably have realised that a dining room chair just isn’t good enough for a working day and that your employer still has a duty of care to provide you with a safe work environment.

We’ve taken to opportunity to try chairs from Orangebox, Boss Design, Verco, Hood Seating and Steelco to name a few. 

We firmly believe that working from home will be so much more prominent in the future that we’ve spent a lot of time  looking at which products will work in the home office environment.

Please get in touch to discuss home office environments (including fitted and bespoke furniture) and we’ll design something to suit.

Remote work, or “working from home,” has reshaped modern work life, offering flexibility and connectivity through digital tools. Challenges include work-life balance and potential isolation. The phrase signifies a transformative shift in professional dynamics.

  1. Remote work offers flexibility, blending professional life with personal comfort.
  2. Technology enables seamless connectivity, fostering collaboration and productivity.
  3. Home offices require ergonomic setups for health and efficiency.
  4. Balancing work and life becomes crucial in the absence of a physical office.
  5. Virtual meetings have become the norm, reducing the need for commuting.
  6. Distractions at home can pose challenges; discipline and focus become essential.
  7. The rise of remote work reshapes traditional notions of office culture.
  8. Personalized schedules empower employees to optimize their most productive hours.
  9. Communication tools bridge gaps, connecting teams across different locations effortlessly.
  10. The phrase “working from home” now symbolizes a dynamic shift in the global work landscape.

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