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Not every meeting needs to be around a formal table, learn about our soft seating...

Breakout Soft Seating

Breakout Office Seating

Often referred to as ‘third space’ an informal breakout area can be key in allowing people to remain productive and think outside of the box. 

Step away from the formality of desks and meeting rooms. people are more able to be creative whilst in a more relaxed environment.

Cafe Soft Seating

Stylish, functional and hardwearing are all attributes that café soft seating requires.

Modern, retro or chic? Fabric, wood, plastic or metal?

Communal & Lobby Areas

Informal corridor catch ups can be made more enjoyable and by adding stylish furniture. The whole environment can be lifted and be more welcoming to visitors.

Hotel & Leisure

Soft Seating


In the leisure sector, durable, functional and stylish soft seating is essential. Our partnered manufacturers provide a variety of options, including bespoke soft seating for the leisure industry. We collaborate with fabric manufacturers, prioritizing recycled materials and high antibacterial properties for a healthy and eco-friendly environment. Explore our range for the perfect seating solution.

Meeting Rooms

Soft Seating

Informal meeting

Not every meeting needs to be around a formal table. Time is precious, meetings need to be short so why not just grab a seat in an informal area to discuss the matter in hand. These meetings do not have to be public though. Many of our informal seating lines have acoustic properties so those private discussions remain just that, larger seating configurations can be provided if your team is that bit larger but still do not want to be in a more formal environment.
Soft Seating

Media Areas

Informal meeting areas including media equipment are fast becoming the norm in many organisations and so many meetings and collaborations take place from different geographical locations. Media Soft Seating areas have the ability to include acoustic damping properties so whether you have one unit or several, everyone retains their privacy and there is no ‘noise’ from others to distract you. There are may different configurations available and as technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, new developments are constantly being released,
Soft Seating

Collaboration Seating

People often work better when taken out of their normal work environment and so an informal collaboration area can reap dividends. Add acoustic properties and you have an ideal space to think, relax and be creative. If your business has very specific requirements, we can work closely with a number of manufacturers to deliver bespoke products to your exact design.